Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentine Fun!
I know Valentines day was a week ago but I am just now getting around to posting them:). On Feb. 12th Fry's had a fun event for kids. They had cookie decorating, card making and games at the store. The girls had lots of fun and the best part was that it was all free:). Of course the grocery shopping wasn't but they did have lots of great deals that day.
On Valentine's morning we took the girls to the Museum because they were having cookie decorating, face painting and fun projects for the girls. They even had a drawing and I won an apron. The girls loved playing in the kitchen with dad and Mariyah put on a puppet show for us.
They even gave the girls flowers for Valentine's Day.
That evening we had a wonderful dinner and Joshua planned the whole evening and he kept it a surprise from me. I thought we were going out to a restaurant but Joshua said we were going to go to my grandparents to get something and when I walked in their house was all decorated Valentine's and my parents, grandparents and us had a wonderful meal and me, my mom and grandma each got roses and it was such a wonderful surprise. It was a total surprise because he had told me earlier in the day that he was helping my dad but Joshua actually went to my grandparents to set up for the evening and got the roses, the candles and the food. It was very thoughtful and so wonderful. He had been planning this for a few weeks and it was a fun evening.


Adam and Tiffany said...

Oh that is so sweet. What a good guy. I love surprises. It is my very favorite.

carol said...

ok that is freaking awesome! way to go joshua. i love the girls shirts - too cute.