Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break Fun!!

Mariyah had spring break this week and the girls and I did something fun everyday:). Even though it was spring break we pretty much do something fun everyday. My camera broke and I am so sad because I am obsessed with taking pictures:(. So when we went to the zoo on Monday I didn't have a camera....waahh....we went to the camera, Wednesday we went camera , Thursday we went to the park and the only day I had a camera was on Friday when we went to Makutu's Island. I borrowed my grandparents camera because we have gone to the other's places many times but haven't been to Makutu's Island for a long time so I wanted to take pictures.

Mariyah was all over the place and she was having a blast crawling through the tree house, going down the slide and meeting lots of new friends. Brooklyn had fun too but after a while she was tired but once she ate lunch she was ready to play again. I was all over the place crawling around with the girls and my friends were there with their girls too. We had our playgroup at Makutu's Island and if you haven't gone and you live in Arizona you should take your kids.

Fun Slide...I even went down it

Can you see Brooklyn:)

Ry loved going across the bridge

Ry was all over having fun in the tree house

Brookie wasn't too sure about the elephant. It was really dark in here but the flash brightened the picture up.

Crawling around the tree house

Fun play area

Dancing around

Cute girls

How fun!!

Seriously this place is so fun!

They even have beautiful fish

Controlling Space?

Brooklyn's friends Ellie & Elaya. We attempted to get a picture of the girls
but it loooks like Ellie was the only one smiling:)


Adam and Tiffany said...

Wow that place looks awesome. You are such a fun, energetic mom. I thought I did a pretty good job, but you definitely get the trophy. We will have to go next time we are in AZ.

Jamie said...

That looks like so much fun. I would love to take Trey there but he cries and gets stuck in the play house at Chick Fil-a, so maybe in a couple more years for him.

mickelsenfamily said...

So Fun!!! Caleb is getting more interested in stuff like that now...if we ever make it back down there we'll have to go play again. Looks like an awesome place!

Ballard said...

Amy have you took the girls to the phx science center yet? If not let me know i have membership and i can get three people in besides me.. so you, me and the girls can go one day.. its cool place and they have a new thing for little ones its called Preschool science for ages 3-6 yrs. perfect for your girls. So let me know.. if you want go some time....

Pearce Fam said...

What a fun place!

Jared & Tristan said...

that looks like so much fun!