Sunday, March 15, 2009

Field Day
Mariyah had field day with her class this past week and she loved it. It brought back great memories of when I was in Elementary School and the parachute and all the fun activities. Here is Mariyah, her class and some of her friends from class. What was sweet is that Brooklyn was able to participate in some of the activities and that was fun too. Mariyah was so excited because they said if you have a hat you can wear it to school for field day so she wore one of my hats.

Hoola Hoop Fun

Frisbee Time

Brookie loved the Frisbee

Look at Ry pull the rope..Her side won:)

Ball Time

Mariyah loved the Rope

Brookie loved the Rope too

Kicking the Ball and keeping it in the middle

Do you remember these?

The Parachute was by far my favorite and most the kids as well.

This game cracked me up because the kids had to balance the water on the spoon and then walk across to put it in the cup...most the kids lost their water before they got to the cup:). Mariyah did really well though.


Adam and Tiffany said...

Oh that looks so fun. I can't wait for Ambra's. We're not in sunny AZ though, we'll have to wait for summer.

Brenda said...

That's cool that Brooklyn got to enjoy the day too!

Ballard said...

i remember those field days i always ended up in the nurses office with a heat rash so i quit going school on those days.. cause it was fun field day or schoolwork, i rather stay'd home and cleaned instead, and have a three day weekend.

carol said...

ok totally remember the parachute - that was also my favorite part! she was seriously getting into the rope pull - nice work mariyah - no wonder they won!