Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mariyah's 6th Birthday Party at Chuck E Cheese!!

So we decided this year to do Mariyah's birthday party on a weekday which worked out to be Tuedsay. Saturday's are busy with soccer and lots going on so after school we had her party and it was so much fun.
She had lots of friends from school and church there and it was so much fun. The kids loved all the tokens they got and they had so much fun playing games, running around, eating pizza and cake n ice cream. Mariyah's theme for her party was Hannah Montana.

Mariyah loved getting phone calls before school from grandparents:)

Officially 2 hands needed to count her age.

Look at the cute hat her teacher made for her birthday and her goodie bag.

Her class sang her Happy Birthday and she gave out candy necklaces for her class.

Joshua playing ski ball with Brooklyn n carter

You can play ski ball however you want when it's your birthday lol

Amazing Aunt Tami and Beautiful Mariyah

Gorgeous Grandma & Mariyah

Ry's friend Destiny

Fun friends from School at her party

Cousins riding the ride together

Mariyah ended up winning over 400 tickets!!!

Joshua and Carter playing air hockey:)

Carter & Brookie playing together

Mariyah & Scotty

Mariyah loved all her gifts

She only smiled because I told her that after she smiled she could open presents. What a cheesy smile from the birthday girl.

Friends & Family at the party

Mariyah & Kaylee have been friends since birth

Mariyah loved getting the doctor Barbie from my parents

Kaitlyn & Mariyah

Some of the friends from the party. It was hard to get a picture of all of them running around chuck E cheese:).

Our Family

Licking the frosting off the #6

Happy 6th Birthday Mariyah. We love you!!!!


Kimberly said...

Great Pics. Happy Birthday! I love the newborn doctor barbie gift. How cute!

Robyn said...

Happy Birthday, Brooklyn! I can't believe she is SIX already!! The party looks like it was a lot of fun. I think going to The Cheese on a weekday was a wise decision.

Chrsitina MC said...

what a fun party. I had Barbie everything growing up. Good to know she's timeless...

carol said...

ok there were so many pics i like i hope i remember...
loved the cheesy smile before opening presents...i like how she officially needs 2 hands to show her age...she looks cute with her crown on and 400 tickets is a freaking ton! nice work mariyah! happy birthday i am glad you had such a great party :)

Bronwyn James said...

Girl, when did you get old enough to have a six year old?! Wait, I'm that old too? Oh dear. Well she's beautiful! Glad everyone had fun!

Ballard said...

shes growing up to quick.. dang didn't u just bring her home from the hospital.... haha..