Friday, October 16, 2009

Mariyah's School Picture

The day Mariyah was going to take her school pictures I said make sure to smile and keep your bow in. As I dropped her off at school she said I will make sure to take my bow because you wont know if I did but I will smile. Little did she know that if she had taken it out I would notice when I got the pictures back lol.

So I picked her up from school and I said did you smile and she said I can't remember so I had to wait a few weeks until the pictures came back and she did smile and kept her bow in. Love ya Mariyah and thanks for the great smile:).

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mickelsenfamily said...

Wow...I'm a bit behind in reading. Looks like a great birthday party! 6 already! I remember coming to see you when she was a baby. Crazy how time flies. The school picture turned out great!