Friday, January 1, 2010

My Best Friends Wedding

My best friend Nikki was married on Tuesday December 29th and it was such a wonderful experience to see her sealed to her Eternal Companion.

When I moved to Arizona when I was 11 years old I met Nikki and we have been friends ever since. We have laughed, cried and shared great memories together. We have gone on lots of vacations and we also grew up in the same ward.

Nikki served a mission in Venezuela and I served a mission in Detroit and what was so amazing is that we were both in the MTC at the same time!! It was so fun to have my best friend at the MTC and get to chat a little while we were there.

I am so happy for Nikki and I am so happy that she married such an amazing husband. She has always been such a loyal friend and I am so grateful that I was in her wedding along with her sisters and a few close friends.

Her reception was a sit down dinner, dancing, and lots of fun! It was so wonderful to see Matt & Kim and Carol & Jared at the reception and hang out and chat with them:).

She had a salsa bar that was amazing and it was salsa from Columbia, Hawaii, Venezuala and Arizona. It represented where they have lived or have traveled.

Vanity Fair Pose

Gorgeous Couple

Beautiful Bride

In the bridal room



Chrsitina MC said...

Her dress was ga-gorgeous and I love the flower in your hair.

carol said...

i love your nikki wedding post! you both looked so beautiful!!!

i loved getting to hang out with you :)

The Welker Family said...

So sad that I missed it! My kids needed to get home after hanging out in the airport and a long flight. She looks amazing!!! You look beautiful too.

Adam and Tiffany said...

Oh looks like you guys had a great Christmas! I love to see family pictures amidst lots of wrapping paper and gifts with everyone in thier jams. Love it. You look beautiful at the wedding.