Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Picture Just Now

So I was looking through my parents camera today and found a lot of pictures from Christmas time that I am excited to post about.

I helped in Mariyah's class while they made gingerbread houses in her classroom

Great Job Mariyah

When she brought it home and I took a picture of her and then she ate the house:)

Cute Pictures of Ry

Smile Big:)

She loves to pose

The Clubhouse where we live had a Christmas party and it was tons of fun. Towards the end of the party in came Santa:). The girls were really excited and we even managed to get a family picture with Santa.

Our Family

The girls with Santa

This lady at the party had this dog that was dressed up and of course the girls both wanted to follow the dog around the whole night.

Mariyah wanted to hold the dog and Brookie liked walking the dog.

Mariyah ran the reindeer run at school. It was so cute because all the kids were reindeers running and being crazy!!


Beth said...

Nice blog with nice picture of cutie enjoying the Christmas celebration. One with Christmas tree looks awesome. Keep up the good work.

The Welker Family said...

Supre fun pictures! I love the one of Mariyah holding her gingerbread house and the one of the girls and santa staring at each other. So fun!