Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Michigan Friends visiting Arizona:)

I went on my mission in March of 2001 and served a mission in Michigan. When I was there I met Tina & Alante Deatrick. My companion and I taught and baptized them and we become really close friends. Tina was an amazing friend on the mission and we have kept in contact through the years. Her son Alante was 9 when I met him and he is now 17 years old.
They came on Thursday night and that evening we went swimming and had fun hanging out. On Friday we went to the Temple and went swimming that evening:) We also had a pizza party at my parents house and it was so much fun. Saturday was a great day and as well as Sunday. We went to the Lake and took some pictures and the girls had fun enjoying the playground since it was actually nice and cool outside. We spent a lot of time in the pool!!!!
On Monday we went to a fun water park and the weather was nice and hot yet there was a little breeze so it was nice:). Tuesday we went to the mall and went shopping. It was lots of fun hanging out with them. We will miss them and are thankful for the great memories spending time with Tina and Alante.

Tina & I went to the Temple

My mom & Tina

Since Tina is from Michigan she was in shock that we had Cactus in Arizona!!

Joshua & Alante after Church

Tina with the girls. Looking at the picture I realized Ry's belt to her dress is missing. Maybe she left it at church lol.

Tina & I with the girls.

Brookie liked climbing the tree

Ry & Alante having fun

Thought I would take a prego picture at 5 1/2 months prego.

The girls loved taking a break from swimming and eating Italian ice

Brookie in her new outfit from Tina

I love this picture:)

Tina was so sweet and bought the girls matching outfits.

Last time I saw Alante he was only 9 and now look how tall he is!

I love Mariyah's hair. Tina did such an amazing job and
Mariyah actually sat still and let her do it

The 3 of us before we left.
I will have to scan a picture of the 3 of us when I was on my mission

The girls had so much and are going to miss Alante


Chrsitina MC said...

seeing corn rows makes me miss memphis - glad you had a good time!

Carol said...

OK i love that she braided her hair - that's awesome! how fun that you got to hang out with someone from your mission. that must have been so weird to see him at 9 years old and now he is taller than you :)