Saturday, August 28, 2010

We went Camping as a Family

Last week Joshua bought a tent and a bunch of camping gear when he went camping with his friends. Last night he said do you want to go camping and so we got our stuff together and off we went. We camped at Canyon Lake and it was so much fun. The girls had never been camping...yes you heard NEVER been camping. What derived girls lol! They thought it was so much fun. It was still warm in the evening so instead of cooking on a fire we had these canisters that we light with fire and they worked great.

The best way to camp with a queen size air mattress:)

Mariyah cooking the hot dogs

The girls had fun roasting marshmellows

Ry finally got to use her sleeping bag:)

Brookie was so excited she found a huge rock

She loves sticks and couldn't believe how big the stick was

Getting water

Good Morning Mariyah

Our new 8 man tent. I think it fit the 4 of us perfect.
It will be nice when baby comes there will be room for him too:)

Ry loved the water

View from our Tent

Ready to take down the tent

We left in the morning so stayed in our jammies.
Beautiful view behind us.

Family picture

Joshua with his girls


Anna said...

You are brave to camp at 6 months pregnant! Looks like you had a great time. Hope you weren't uncomfortable sleeping on the ground, it was probably worth it if you were!

Carol said...

looks like fun! your girls are still young - i didn't think for one second they were deprived :)

Robyn said...

What beautiful views! I would go camping every month if I could see mountains like that.

And you look GREAT pregnant! You still look like you're glowing and not miserable. (yet)

Robyn said...

OK...I realized I said "mountains" like they were the great rockies. I guess when you come from the midwest anything that sticks above the ground is considered a mountain. :)