Wednesday, January 5, 2011


We hosted a fun New Years Eve party at our house. We had lots of Joshua's family come in town for Andrew's blessing so it was fun to have lots of family to spend the New Year's with. Joshua's dad and Teresa and his mom and Thane and his cousins Nick and Tasha came and their kids. We really appreciate the family that came to celebrate this fun weekend and week with us.

Mariyah was so excited for the fireworks

Andrew's 1st New Year

The girls and I with our Party Hats on!!!!

Tasha and I had fun buying the fireworks

Grandparents with their grandchildren.

Nick and Tasha's boy Carter and Peyton with our girls and Andrew. We loved having them here and the girls loved playing with their 2nd cousins

Bounce U on New Year's Day

What a fun way to start the New Year!

We thought it would be so much fun to take the girls to bounce u. We also had Joshua's dad and Teresa and cousins that came. The kids had so much fun and loved running around and getting lots of energy out.

Mariyah loved climbing up the spider webr

Joshua with his dad and Teresa and Andrew

Grandparents with Andrew. What's funny to me is that they all
match and it wasn't even planned

Playing basketball with Brookie

Ry and Grandma having fun down the slide

Brookie loved the ball shooter

Boxing Time

Joshua Won!

Andrew's Blessing Day

What a beautiful blessing for our son Andrew Joshua Hadley. He is such a sweet baby boy and we love him so much. He was given a beautiful blessing and he is such a cute baby boy and oh so sweet. Thank you for all the family that came to support our family and those who traveled to be here. Andrew is growing and is very strong and healthy. He loves to smile!!!! After the blessing we had a great luncheon at our home and it was so wonderful to have family here to celebrate this special day.

Family Photo

Tasha took these pictures of Sweet Andrew:)
Thank you for taking pictures throughout the day.

My beautiful Mom and I

Grandpa's and my great grandpa

Cousin Tasha and I with Andrew

My parents: The girls were not all about pictures at this moment.

Our family with Joshua's mom and Thane. Again the girls were sick of
pictures and were acting up.

Our family with Joshua's dad and Teresa and yup the cute girls lol.

Me with my precious son

Brookie LOVES her brother

My sisters, mom and me with Andrew. I love my mom and sisters.

Grandma Teresa, Olsen and Thomas:)

Mariyah is such a big help and big sister. She really can smile
when she wants too lol.

Baking in the kitchen with our new APRONS

Grandma Teresa made these cutea apron for the granddaughters and mom's. She brought them when she came to visit from Utah for the baby blessing. It was fun to cook in the kitchen at my sister in laws and the girls love their new aprons. Thanks Teresa:)

Chef Andrew with Grandma

I love my girls

Caught Brookie eating the dough

Making pigs in a blanket

Mariyah making mozerralla sticks

My sister in law Valeria and adorable niece Amare
Fun in the kitchen at my brother and sister in laws with Grandma

Always fun with Grandma

The pizza they made:)


lrbodine said...

Lots and lots of fun stuff! So many cute pictures of the family. You're a super star for pulling off all of that with company in town and a baby blessing.

Lopez-kids said...

Adorable, fun, adorable, adorable! Loved the pics of Andrew at his blessing! He is such a handsome little man! What a special day! I love those aprons too! Those are so cute!! Glad you got to have such a fun time with family!

Carol said...

dang you guys have been busy!! i loved all the pictures - even the girls acting up. cute aprons and mozz. sticks - dang you are fancy - i have never even thought to make those! sounds like you guys have been having fun and doing great!