Saturday, January 29, 2011

Brooklyn's Princess Birthday Party

I realized I posted a picture of her and I but not her party. She had such a fun birthday party and loved all the friends that came. She loves princess and her friends came dressed up as princess:).

Pretty Princess Brooklyn with her Tangled Castle

Each girl took home a crown and a necklace and goody bags home:)

I know we have all heard pin the tale on Donkey but how about
pinning the crown on the princess

My sweet Brookie

She picked out her cupcake cake

I love her cupcake cake:). The blue princess lights up.

Gift Time:)

She loved all her presents

The friends loved watching her open her presents

Thank you to EVERYONE for the amazing gifts. She loves all of them.

My sister Lindsey is amazing and came and face painted for the party.

Tangled Princess

The girls enjoyed craft time:).

Princess Friends at Brooklyn's Party

Alexa pinning the Crown on the princess. I love Alexa's Hair.

Pizza Time

Cute face Brookie

The girls had fun playing in the playhouse and setting up a tea party.

Brooklyn was excited to see her cousin Amare at her party,

My sister Lindsey is very artistic and great at face painting.

Princess Balloon from Grandma

Andrew was asleep most the party but here's a picture of my sweet baby boy.

My beautiful mother and granddaughter.

Having a fun on the swings.

Brookie with her great friend Nia.


lrbodine said...

I love that even hundreds of miles away we are still thinking a like - we'll be having the same birthday party theme and doing some of the same games! Love it. And Brooklyn looks adorable! Ellie was so excited to look at these pictures with me.

Carol said...

wow lindsey did a great job on the face painting - very impressed. looks like you had a great party - brooklyn looks super happy!

Kimberly said...

Looks like a very successful party. Soooo cute! I love little girls!!!