Thursday, January 6, 2011

Now that it's 2011 and I am going through 2010 pictures I realized that with Dec being quite crazy I didn't post many pictures from Dec(before Christmas) so here they are of the girls hair.

Mariyah's new Hair Style

Mariyah has wanted her hair short for a few years now and FINALLY I said ok so here is her new hair style and I LOVE it! You know me and I am all about doing my girls hair and putting bows and flowers in them. Well Mariyah is at an age now where she does her own hair and doesn't always want bows in it. So I had to have some counseling over that lol and she loves her hair.

Ok so I tried to get her to just smile but I got these funny faces instead

When we were at my parents house and Lindsey was straightning her hair Brookie asked if she could have her hair straight. She looks like such a different girl to me because I am so used to her curls. It was fun to have her hair straight and Brookie loved it.

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Carol said...

i love both the new hair-dos!

the short hair makes mariyah look so old!