Friday, April 22, 2011

Amazing Easter Egg Hunt
Mariyah's friend in her class invited us to her Easter Party. It was a party full of lots of fun!! We each brought something to help out with the party but overall her mom did so much to make the girls Easter weekend fun. We went to their house this morning and first off the girls decorated Easter eggs then they did crafts and had fun playing in the backyard. They loved it when it was time to find the eggs:). Even Andrew had fun with the baskets and eggs after it was over:). At the end she had all the kids empty out their eggs into a goody bag and who ever had the symbols to the story got another treat. So although the kids enjoyed all the Easter fun they all were able to have a better understanding of what Christ did for each of us. Hope each of you have a wonderful Easter and we have about 3 more egg hunts to go:).

Mariyah with her friend Makayla

My beautiful Girls

How can you resist kissing his cheeks!!!
He was all smiles and loved the Easter Basket:)

I love this photo of Andrew because it really captures his personality:)

Getting ready for the Easter Story

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