Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Fun at the Park on Saturday

We had so much fun at the Easter Egg party at the Park for our neighborhood:). Of course when you pay an HOA all the activities are free lol!!!!

This Easter bunny looks a little scary lol.
No wonder why Andrew isn't too happy.

Brookie was so excited to ride with daddy in his car

Mariyah played the bean bag toss

Jumping time!!!!

Always nice to have a snow cone when it's nice and warm outside

Andrew LOVED tasting the snow cone

Easter Egg Hunt

Joshua with the kids

Amy with the Kids

The girls had fun playing at the playground


Emilee said...

I think Easter bunnies are a little strange. I took Eli and the bunny didn't do anything. I think it was a very old man. He was so boring. Oh well. Eli looked good.

Carol said...

wow - i had a lot of posts to catch up on! looks like you guys have been busy and having a lot of fun! i like all your easter pics!