Sunday, April 17, 2011

What the Hadley's have been doing in the month of March/April

Look what Mariyah DID!!!

My mom was telling us about a little girl in her class who's house caught on fire. The family lost EVERYTHING! When Mariyah heard about what happened she had money saved up and instead of spending it on herself she wanted to give it to the girl and her family. I teared up when I saw that she made these and money is inside. We also gave the family a lot of the girls clothes because they have 3 girls. It was so neat to see what she did for this family:)

Last week Brookie and I were playing with blocks and we made a "Castle" for

I found Andrew on his tummy:). He finally rolled over

Handsome Like my Daddy:)

He loves the walker and putting toys in his mouth

I asked the girls if they could give him a toy and well they
decided he needed to have lots of toys.

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lrbodine said...

That is so sweet of M! Love it!

And I want to just kiss Andrew's chubby little cheeks! He is so adorable with that round little head.