Friday, August 8, 2008

Arizona Olympic Gymnastics
So the girls and I met a friend and her daughter at this amazing gymnastics place!!! It was a blast and Mariyah and Brooklyn LOVED every minute of it. On friday mornings they have open gym which means you pay and your kids can play on all the gymnastic mats, balance beam,bars,trampolines and so much more! I was amazed at what a dare devil Brooklyn was. She was all over the place and had no fear jumping all over and Mariyah loved hanging from the uneven bars. During the week they have kids take classes that someday plan on making it to the olympics and I thought it was pretty neat since tonight is the opening of the olympics and the girls and I had our own gymnastic experience today:) No medals involved but lots of great memories and tons of fun.


Adam and Tiffany said...

That looks so fun! I wonder if they have a place like that around here. I love your girls in thier matching shirts at jeepers.

carol said...

oh that looks really cool! you need to email me the info on that place - i would love to take elias there. what a good mom you are!

Christina MC said...

That looks like a blast. You will definitely have to tell me where that is.