Saturday, August 9, 2008

So I know most of you who live in Arizona probably have an opinion about these photo radars...well so do I. For the most part I think they are great for people who are going extremely over the speed limit, but I got a stupid camera ticket in the mail today...ahhhh!!! The reason why I am so annoyed is because I am not a speeder and the only reason why I was even on the road is because the 101 was closed and had a detour and so I took this road. Here are the "stupid" pic that the camera took....oh yes and by the way we were on our way to Big Surf and so that is why I am in my swim suit. I guess the reason why I am so frustrated is because I thought the speed limit was 45 and I was going 47. Well I guess the speed limit was 35 and I was going 47. When I was driving I knew I got flashed, looked at my speed and thought crap I just got a camera ticket! Then thought oh well I am going to have a great time at Big surf and figured it would come in the mail and it sure did. Oh ya and by the way if you would like to watch the video of me driving here is the code info too.
Go to Citation # tf095362 plate #272wrd city:tmpaz
Oh ya and on the video you can actually see the camera take my pic and I swear I am going with the speed of traffic but don't see anyone else getting their pic taken.
Also the ticket is $175 but since I have only had 1 ticket in my life and that was 10 years ago I am going to go to traffic school so that they can teach me not to speed!


CASSIE said...


NatalieHemingway said...

Ok, so I felt so bad that I had no idea who you were and I'm REALLY REALLY good with names. I had to ask Robyn today. I totally recognized your pictures, but the name just wasn't clicking. You should have told me you were Sister Johnson!! It seems like you were JUST in our ward yesterday. Man, time sure flies! I can't believe you're married and have kids. I'm glad you found me. I love that about blogging! ... bummer about the ticket. That sucks!

Lopez-kids said...

Here is a tip, drive with your visor half way down. You can still see perfectly fine, but the camera can't get your face. A little tip from the ambulance people I work with. :-)

Kimberly said...

Okay so I absolutely hate them!!! I think they are totally wrong and a lazy way for the government to get money! But I cannot understand why the people, YES the citizens of AZ voted the traffic light tickets into effect. It's Crazy to me! I have such a strong opinion on this and I've NEVER had a photo radar ticket.

Alicia said...

Wow! That is pretty cool technology but sucks for you! We had them on the stop lights so if you run a red light it takes your picture. We haven't gotten one but I know its like $300. That's too bad that you have to go to traffic school too. Grrr...

carol said...

that's crazy that you can watch the freaking video. so jared and i both totally are so going the flow of traffic and didnt deserve the ticket!

Krista in AZ said...

Hi everyone, I don't even know you guys!! I was googling the web for gymnastics establishments in AZ, your blog/post came up (ironically we happen to have friends named "Hadley") and so it caught my attention!

Anyway, not to be a poser, but I read your post b/c I too got a photo radar ticket last year, thought I was was following the flow of traffic, and happened to be following an unmarked police car when I got it!!

My opinion about tickets in general is to FORGET about going to traffic school. The fee for school isn't that much less than just paying the ticket. And my time is money... so I figure that sitting there is painful and then I don't have to waste my Saturday for 8 hours!! Plus, I called my insurance company and they said that my rates wouldn't increase unless I got more than 1 ticket within 1 year. So, I weighed the pro's and con's and said phooey with traffic school, paid that darn ticket (begrudgingly) and watched my speed for a year.

Especially for someone like you who doesn't speed much, I wouldn't worry about it. You might want to check with your insurance and then just pay the ticket instead of wasting your Saturday.

I hope this information helps. Just thought I'd pass it along!!

Cute website by the way... you guys have a very cute family and do a great job with keeping friends and family updated. I might become a fan!!