Sunday, October 26, 2008

On Saturday Once Upon a Child(it's a store where you sell baby items/clothes)they had the Incredibles their and also had a fun bouncy. The girls had so much fun on the bouncy but Brooklyn was scared and cried when Mariyah was holding her near them. Mariyah kept asking me why Dash was older and not a small child like in the movie. I told her it's because when she 1st started watching Incredibles she was a few years younger and just has she has grown up so had Dash. Sounds good right?
I have a funny story to tell:
So Mariyah kept on telling me that she wanted me to be a mommy for Halloween. I was like I already am a mommy. She said No a mommy and I said Ry what do you mean I already am a mommy and she said no mom it's like when you wrap yourself up...I said oh a MUMMY. She said ya mom a mummy.
Jaime came and visited from Idaho with her little boy and we went to the museum with the girls. We both served in Detroit Michigan but were never companions but served around each other. It was so fun seeing her and meeting her son.


mickelsenfamily said...

Awww...the fun never ends in Arizona!!! I swear we'd move there if we didn't love being by our families so much. Looks like you had another fun day! Thanks again for getting us into the Museum and for letting Caleb play with your girls. I hope by next time he'll be more use to people and interact with them more. They are darling little girls!!!

Justin and Lori said...

Hi Amy, What a a fun thing to meet the incredibles!! Hey I need your address so I can send you an invite to a baby shower. E-mail me at Thanks Lori

carol said...

how fun! the girls look like they are totally enjoying themselves.

brooklyn is so cute in all her sleeping places. i wish i could take a nap with her :)

The Welker Family said...

It looks like Brooklyn loved seeing the Incredibles :) I LOVE the "sleep anywhere post"!!

Pearce Fam said...

You are such a fun mom! I'm glad I have gotten to know you lately!