Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mariyah's 5th Birthday Party!!!!!

We had Mariyah's birthday party on Saturday and she had so much fun. We had my sister face paint the kids faces, my brother made balloon animals and swords for the kids(what's funny is most of the girls asked for a sword instead of an animal) and we had pizza, lots of food and a great time. All of my siblings were there and my grandparents as well. Thank you to all the friends who came and celebrated Mariyah's birthday with our family.

Grandma's Surprise Visit From Alaska
One of Mariyah's wishses for her birthday was that her Grandma in Alaska( Joshua's mom) could be here when she turned 5. Colleen called me at 2:00 Tuesday afternoon and said she would be flying into Arizona at 8:30 that evening. She told Joshua all about her coming to Surprise Mariyah, but he forgot to tell me because he figured that his mom and I already talked about her coming so it was a great surprise for me as well. Mariyah was soooo EXCITED and the girls LOVED their grandma so much. It was amazing to see the love they have for her and we are so thankful that Colleen was able to spend a week with us. We went shopping, fed the ducks at the park and she had fun playing with the girls.


Ballard said...

Amy thanks.. I love the pictures.
I can't believe how old shes getting i remember when you and josh was just bringing her home from the hospital. Time FLY's.

Kimberly said...

Cute pictures! I can't believe how many you take. That is so fun to have. Sorry we missed out. We would have loved to come. Life is Crazy! Tell Mariyah Happy Birthday!!!

Bronwyn James said...

I can't believe you have a five year old! I think that makes you older than me, no matter how old you are. That's the only way I stay young in my family since both my sisters have kids that are older than mine. :-)

the Painters said...

I love these pictures! Mariyah is soooo pretty and so grown up! I remember when I visited you in the hospital after you just had had her! now she's 5??? craziness. And that Brooklyn, what a little love. So nice that Joshua's mom got to come out and celebrate as a surprise. With the weather as nice as it is now, she must have had a great time!

carol said...

looks like a great party! your sister did a great job painting all their faces, that was so nice of her. what a freaking fun surprise from grandma! sounds like mariyah had the best day!!