Friday, October 31, 2008

On Monday night our family went to the pumpkin patch and we had tons of fun. The girls each picked out a pumpkin and we had them paint them when we got home. We also cooked the pumpkin seeds and they were nice and yummy.

On Thursday my friends and I had our play group at the pumpkin patch and the kids all had lots of fun. We even managed to get a picture of all of them together and they turned out cute.

Also on Thurday afternoon Fry's Grocery store had activities for children. I got the girls dressed up in their costumes and they had games, decorated cookies and gave out candy.

Today I helped in Mariyah's class for Halloween. Their class and the other kindergarten classes had a parade through all the classes and they all looked so cute in their costumes. Mariyah was Hannah Montana but of course she didn't want to wear her wig to school and didn't want to wear the adorable jacket so I had her tie it around her waist. Oh ya and they had the kids wear their regular clothes under their costumes so u can see the shirt. Oh well tonight she will be wearing her whole costume even if it's just for a picture!


mickelsenfamily said...

How fun! Isn't Halloween so fun especially when you get to dress your little ones up? Cute pictures!

The Welker Family said...

What a fn Halloween! So many fun pictures. I love the lady bug :)