Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sleep Anywhere
I know I have posted in the past of Mariyah falling asleep in all places of the house. Well it looks like Brooklyn has learned from her sister how to sleep anywhere and these pictures are all in the past few weeks of her sleeping. Yes our girls have their beds to sleep in but sometimes they just like to fall asleep on the floor instead...interesting. Mariyah cracks me up because this past week she fell asleep upside down on the couch. Yes that's her wearing a spongebob shirt. She has all these cute jammies but wanted to wear the shirt that dad bought her when he went to Vegas. Mariyah and Brooklyn take after me because as most of you know me know that I can sleep anywhere:). Yes after I took the picture I put her in bed so that she was comfortable.


Jamie said...

It amazes me when I see pictures like this. I have no clue how they do it. So funny.

CASSIE said...

That absolutely cracks me up! Never, ever, in a million years can I see any of my kids falling asleep like that...so cute!

Nelson, Ashley, Brady & Kodi said...

Those are way too cute! I LoVe the one of Brooklyn holding the baby!

You should be a mummy! I'd love to see that!