Saturday, June 13, 2009

Toothpaste all over

Brooklyn loves to brush her teeth and she picked out her princess toothbrush and Mariyah picked out her toothbrush. They also picked out their own toothpaste they way they didn't have to share. This is according to Mariyah because she doesn't always like to share if her sister touches her toothpaste she says she can't use it anymore.

Last night Brooklyn was brushing her teeth and she was done so we put the toothpaste and toothbrush away. Then when I went back in the bathroom I found this!!! Brooklyn had gone back in the bathroom and when I went to see what she was doing she said look mom I used sister's toothpaste and put it on her toothbrush. It looks like Brooklyn used her toothpaste as well but didn't "decorate" her toothbrush. I quickly cleaned it up and thank goodness Mariyah never found out or she may not want to use her toothpaste/toothbrush again. I had a good laugh and thought it was funny what she did and the best part is that it cleaned up easily.

Brooklyn is a sneaky 2 year old:). She is so cute and we love her so much even if she does decorate the bathroom with toothpaste:0.

How can you resist getting upset over a cute face:).

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