Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Mother's Birthday
Today is my mom's birthday!!! What's so neat is that I was born on Father's Day June 17th and my mom was born on Father's Day June 20th.
All my siblings and the family went to Red Robin and we had a great time there and my mom opened up some of her presents. We went to the Red Robin at Tempe Market place and we also went and saw a movie and the kids enjoyed running around and splashing in the water.
This evening my dad surprised my mom by taking her to see a play and when they got back at 10 we had a surprise for her. I decorated their house with birthday decorations and made a cake and we all sang Happy Birthday and had cake n ice cream.
I love you mom!!!!

Happy 4?th Birthday Mom:) My mom really is in her 40's:).

Mom & Dad

My mom's favorite color is pink so her party was pretty in pink!!!!

Siblings with parents. My sister and Carter were at Red Robin
but didm't stay for the movie so they aren't in the picture.

Having fun at Tempe Market Place before the movie started

Our Family


Brooklyn having fun in the water

Beautiful Mariyah

Girls having fun with Grandpa

Grandma with her Mariyah & Brooklyn


Brenda said...

What a fun birthday! I also like your new background, very cute!

carol said...

i cant believe your mom is still in her 40s - holy cow she is so freaking young - my mom could be her mom (shhhh, dont tell her that though)

carol said...
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