Monday, June 22, 2009

Swim lessons-Fun in the sun swimming

The girls and I signed up for swim lessons and they loved them!! Mariyah loves to swim and I am amazed at all the skills she has been learning in her swim class. She loves to jump off the diving board at the city pool.
Brooklyn loves her swim lessons with mom. She loves to splash around and sing the water songs like B is for bubbles and then she blows bubbles and her favorite is the wheels on the bus go splash splash splash and she loves the water. This last session of swim lessons was the best because my friend and I did the lessons together. Her daughter and Brooklyn have been friends since they were babies and they love hanging out. Lachelle and I decided that the girls made their own swim class because when the instructor would be teaching a new skill our girls wanted to jump off the side of the pool or try to run/swim around instead:).
We also have had some fun days in the sun at my parents house with the kiddie pool that the girls love and also at my friends house.

Mariyah & Brooklyn's Swim class

On the last day of swim lessons they gave the kids a Ring pop for being so great in class

Mariyah's best friend Kaylee

We were in the mommy and me class:)

Swimming at my friends house

Ellie & Brooklyn are hilarious!!! They were playing out in the pool and then they decided to go in the house to "watch" a movie. I went to go check on them and this is where I found them. They were on the counter and Brooklyn was filling up a cup and they were having fun. These pictures crack me up:). Ellie and Brookie really are the best of friends.

Fun at Grandma & Grandpa's with cousin Carter

This picture cracks me up of Ry & Carter falling out of the pool

This is what Brooklyn's hair looks like when she's swimming.


Jared & Tristan said...

What fun!
I love those ringlets! So pretty!

lrbodine said...

It's been such a fun summer of swimming! Although I'm going to be happy when the girls can take swimming lessons without us next year... (granted I will still be in a mommy and me class!)

Brenda said...

Love the hair! You will have to keep me posted on where find good deals for girls, thanks for the congrates!

carol said...

holy crap i want brooklyn's hair!! her ringlets are GORGEOUS!! i love the pic of you and her at swimming lessons - you look really really good :)

The Welker Family said...

You look HOT in that picture! I am finally admitting that I am the worst friend ever for forgetting your b-day. I forgot like 4 birthdays this month and of all people AMY (the queen of remembering every date in the universe) was one of them! Hate me if you will but know that I still love you - I'm just really having a hard time adjusting to this 3 kids thing.

The Welker Family said...

Oh, and those little girl pictures of you are absolutely adorable! And I love all of the swimming ones of the girls! Cute suits!