Monday, November 8, 2010

Andrew Baby

Last night I went and fed Andrew and he is doing amazing! The nurses are amazed at how well he is doing. He is a strong baby boy and oh so cute. They gave him a bath and he is such a sweetie. They moved his iv from his hand to his foot and the other cords as well.

I am heading home today but he will stay for a week. It will be hard not having him home but at the same time I am grateful that he is getting the care he needs here. I will pretty much stay here everyday for his feedings and spend time with him.

I am able to pump and he is able to eat through a bottle. He is still hooked up to the iv
with vitamins but it's nice to have him get my milk as well.

They gave him a bath and cleaned him all up. This is the 1st time he doesn't have any wiring on his face. He is completely off of the oxygen and doing really well.

I love this face. He feels free bc he had an iv on his hand and they moved it to his foot so
now he can be free and put his hands where he wantes.

Mariyah visiting Andrew last night. He's using the blanky she bought him

I love how they decorated his name.


lrbodine said...

So exciting! He looks and sounds like he is doing so well. And I have to say that his little face really reminds me of Brooklyn as a baby in these pictures.

Carol said...

i love the news pictures and that his cute little face is wire free and that his hands are free to roam about as well. poor little guy - he has been through so much already!!

~~ Jill ~~ said...

Hey Amy - Wow, I am just catching up on blogs and saw your past few posts! Congrats on little baby Andrew!!! I am so excited for you and your family! It sounds like quite the entry but I am glad that things are going well. And I can already tell that he looks a bit like your girls - in a good manly way :) You have such a cute and growing family! Get some good rest and I hope that little man is home with you all soon! Love ya - Jill

Nicky said...

I'm so glad he's doing better! What an adorable baby!

The Welker Family said...

He is definitely a Hadley!! He is so cute. His little bandaged hand makes me so sad. I'm glad that things are progressing so well. I need to call you again. I got busy and my brain got spacy.

Brenda said...

So it's 12:15 at night and I was about to jump off the computer and go to bed then I thought of you and wondered if you had your little guy. How exciting to have another sweet little one in your family! He is adorable. I can't believe all that you have had to go through, your such a strong woman. Keep up the great posts. Love and miss you.:)

Alissa said...

Progress is great, you're both looking very well, nice!