Sunday, November 7, 2010

Andrew Joshua Hadley

I am sure most of you have heard that our sweet baby boy was born. He came 3 weeks early and he weighed 7lbs. 9oz. He has been in the nicu because his lungs aren't fully developed. He is such a sweet baby boy and we LOVE him so much.

So here is how everything started. On Saturday night and into Sunday(Halloween) I was having lots of contractions and was able to breathe through them and then by Monday they weren't as strong. I was still have swelling in my feet and hands but over all I felt like I was doing much better. My due date was November 24th but my c-section was scheduled for November 17th.
I went into the hospital at noon on Thursday the 4th of November and got hooked up to the monitor and it showed that I was having contractions. They weren't really intense and the main reason I came into the hospital was because I was swollen and felt like I needed to be checked out. From noon-4:00 I was monitored and was dilated more and more. By 4:30 the nurse had called my doctor and said he would be to the hospital by 5:30 to check me and see where my dilation was. My doctor checked me and I was at a 4. He said were doing a c-section and prepping you now. That FAST I had nurses, iv's, the anesthesiologist and off I was to have the baby.

He was born at 6:54pm and he is such a sweet and handsome baby boy. Right after he was born they realized that his breathing wasn't the greatest and that he was struggling to take breathes. During this time Joshua went with the nurses to the nursery for him to get weighed and they ended up keeping him in the nicu. He was immediately put on oxygen, x-rays taken and the tubes began to be hooked up to him.

On Friday afternoon is breathing wasn't getting better and they were getting a little concerned so they did a minor surgery where they put a tube down his throat and put a certain fluid in his lungs. Over time with him breathing in the fluids it has actually helped him and he is doing better. He was in the plastic bubble with 41% oxygen but as of Saturday morning he moved up and had the oxygen through his nose and a tiny tube in his mouth down his throat.

Joshua and I have been visiting Andrew throughout the day and although we haven't been able to hold him we have been able to talk to him and occasionally touch him.

I was so excited today (Sat) because after delivering him 48 hrs. ago I was able to hold him:). I held him for an hour and it was such a sweet moment to be able to hold our precious baby. He even smiled and peeked his eyes open for a split second. I think he knew his mommy was holding him:).

It's Sunday morning now and here's an update on our baby. The girls came to the hospital last night and they were excited to meet their baby brother. Only one person at a time is a loud in the nicu so Joshua took Mariyah 1st then Brookie went next. The girls LOVED seeing their baby brother. They know they can't hold him but they were able to touch him. Joshua's brother and his wife and their little baby girl came to say hi and it was great seeing family. My sister came and it was wonderful seeing her and a Special Thank you to my parents and siblings for helping out so much. Joshua and I greatly appreciate it especially during this difficult time. They have watched the girls and taken great care of our girls while Joshua and I have been at the hospital.

Update on Andrew Sunday night: He did have a tube down his mouth that he pulled out(the nurses said he must not have wanted it in lol). He is no longer in the plastic bubble with 41% oxygen. He moved up and had a tube in his nose which now he is able to breathe better and his lugs are progressing.

Since Andrew was born he was given an iv with fluids in it and that' the only way he has been able to eat. During this time I have been pumping because I want to breastfeed but they haven't been able to give him anything by mouth because of his lungs not being fully developed. Well as of today at 12:30 pm I was able to hold and feed Andrew:). Joshua and I were both in the nicu and it was so wonderful to feed him. I was also able to feed him at 3:30pm and Joshua and I have been able to hold him. What a blessing each of you have been with fasting and praying for our baby boy. Thank you so much. We know that the power of prayer is real and that Andrew is progressing because he can feel the love of those around him.

Andrew came into this world on November 4th

My 1st time seeing him (4hrs. after he was born)

He started out with full oxygen

Emily Lopez came and visited me but the pictures on Joshua's phone

Aunt Lindsey
Sweet Baby Boy



Great Grandpa

Kim & I

My 1st time holding Andrew.
What a tender moment it was after waiting 2 days to hold him.

I love this picture of Andrew and his big sister holding his hand

Brookie's so excited to have a baby brother

Aunt Sara

Thank you mom for the beautiful colorful flowers and the balloon

Joshua holding his son for the 1st time

Andrew LOVES his daddy


Ashlie n Jonathan said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! I was so touched by the one when you got to hold him, and with Mariyah holding his hand, as if to say, everything will be ok, I will take good care of you! What a sweet and beautiful family you have. I am so glad Andrew is doing better. You will all continue to be in our prayers. Hugs and love, Ashlie and fam

lrbodine said...

He is beautiful! And this post made me all teary eyed. You're family will still be in our prayers and we'll be hoping he gets to coome home soon!

Carol said...

yay for pictures! i have been patiently waiting!! he is absolutely adorable ames! congrats to you and your family. i am so glad you finally got to hold him - i can't even imagine how special that moment must have been!

Allison Livensparger said...

Aww! Andrew is beautiful! Congrats! Are you at Banner Desert? if so, he is in good hands...They have a wonderful nicu unit - my cousin, Michelle, is a nurse there in nicu. You are in my prayers. I hope you get to bring your precious baby boy home soon!

Lanae said...

he looks so big! what a sweet little man. congrats.

Bronwyn James said...

Amy, wow. I'm so glad things are going ok. He really is as sweet as can be! Congratulations on your newest addition! I'm sure happy for you!

Emilee said...

Congrats! I'm so happy for you and your cute family. He is adorable!

Alissa said...

Congratulations to you and Josh! He's adorable, our prayers are with you.
Love, Alissa and Laine Ripley